Sentence Examples

  • Californian Vitis (Vitis Californica) - This is the best of the American Grape Vines (excluding the Ampelopsis section) for color in autumn, and it is one of the strongest growers, climbing over lofty trees.
  • Virginian Creeper (Vitis Quinquefolia) - Better known as Ampelopsis quinquefolia, its foliage changes in the fall of the year to various shades of crimson, scarlet, and purple.
  • In the following list, Ampelopsis and Cissus are merged in Vitis.
  • Syns., Ampelopsis Veitchi and A. tricuspidata.
  • Among the indigenous trees are the Abies excelsa, Abies microsperma, Pinus sinensis, Pinus pinea, three species of oak, five of maple, lime, birch, juniper, mountain ash, walnut, Spanish chestnut, hazel, willow, hornbeam, hawthorn, plum, pear, peach, Rhus vernicifera, (?) Rhus semipinnata, Acanthopanax ricinifolia, Zelkawa, Thuja orientalis, Elaeagnus, Sophora Japonica, &c. Azaleas and rhododendrons are widely distributed, as well as other flowering shrubs and creepers, Ampelopsis Veitchii being universal.

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