Sentence Examples

  • The 1995 models had a similar electrical design flaw where any liquid spilled in the console box (where people usually put drinks) could potentially short out the airbag deployment system and inadvertently trigger the airbags.
  • Some 1995 models had defective battery issues with a potential for explosion, and 1997 models had airbag systems that were so touchy that any slight shock to the system could set off an accidental airbag deployment.
  • Restraint System Discounts - Sometimes called a seatbelt or airbag discount, this applies to vehicles that have passive restraint systems, such as airbags and factory-installed motorized seatbelts.
  • If you own a Honda vehicle and want to know if your car or truck has been affected by the Honda airbag recall, you can enter your vehicle identification number at Honda Owner Link.
  • In affected vehicles, including some 2001 Honda Civics and Accords, the airbag inflator produced too much pressure, potentially expelling metal fragments and causing injury.