Affirmative Action Definition

A policy or a program that seeks to redress past discrimination through active measures to ensure equal opportunity, as in education and employment.
American Heritage
A policy or program for correcting the effects of discrimination in the employment or education of members of certain groups, as women, blacks, etc.
Webster's New World
Any acts by a private or public entity to eliminate discrimination, to correct or remedy the effects of past discrimination, or to prevent future discrimination. Such discrimination is usually based on the race, sex, national origin, or disability of the person being discriminated against. See also reverse discrimination.
Webster's New World Law
The definition of affirmative action is a policy or program that takes specific steps to right some past wrong or to help people who have been treated badly in the past in order to provide equal opportunity.
An example of affirmative action is a college admissions program that allows more leniency for women or African Americans.

A policy or program providing advantages for people of a minority group who are seen to have traditionally been discriminated against, with the aim of creating a more egalitarian society through preferential access to education, employment, health care, social welfare, etc.


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