Sentence Examples

  • Observed, discriminated, classified and explained in the same way in which any one special portion of experience is treated.
  • In certain cases, however, the law has discriminated between the contending claims of landlord and tenant.
  • There was an intermediate stage which has not always been sufficiently discriminated from slavery.
  • Political rhetoric, but at the same time hints that, though r04cy-ruoi and S fM oXoyuu may be discriminated, they are nevertheless near akin, the one being the ape of philosophy, the other the ape of statesmanship. In short, Plato traces the changes which, in less than a century, had taken place in the meaning of the term, partly through changes in the practice of the sophists, partly through changes in their surroundings and in public opinion, so as to show by a familiar instance that general terms which do not describe natural kinds cannot have a stable connotation.
  • 8 judgment, though still viewed as combinatory, has the types which belong to coherent systems of implication discriminated from those that predicate coincidence or accident, i.e.