Sentence Examples

  • Prevents the king from administering certain kinds of land when these fall into the possession of minors.
  • In 1655 a proclamation was issued for administering the laws against the priests and Jesuits, and some executions were carried out.
  • A durbar may be either a council for administering affairs of state, or a purely ceremonial gathering.
  • To aid these rajas in administering the country, there is a council of permanent ministers, called the Lenehen.
  • Popes, princes and nobles endowed it with estates and privileges, including that of administering and succeeding to the property of lepers, which eventually led to grave 1 It has been taken as the Latin word meaning " he bears " or as representing the initials of the legend Fortitudo Ejus Rhodum Tenuit, with an allusion to a defence of the island of Rhodes by an ancient count of Savoy.