Sentence Examples

  • Looks like I'll be conducting mind checks morning and night.
  • The advantage of the high conducting power which copper possesses Over- is of especial value in moist climates (like that of the United Kingdom), since the effect of leakage over the surface of the damp insulators is much less noticeable when the conducting power of the wire is high than when it is low, especially when the line is a long one.
  • She went to the railing again to watch Toni throw herself all over Xander under the guise of conducting an interview.
  • We'd discussed the possibility of conducting our business at other sites, should the need arise.
  • Wilson supposes that by the fall to the ground of a preponderance of negatively charged rain the air above the shower has a higher positive potential than elsewhere at the same level, thus leading to large conduction currents laterally in the highly conducting upper layers.