Sentence Examples

  • The Hungarians have the genuine dramatic gift in abundance; they have, moreover, actors and actresses of the first rank.
  • Histrio-mastix, published in 1633, was a violent attack upon stage plays in general, in which the author pointed out that kings and emperors who had favoured the drama had been carried off by violent deaths, which assertion might easily be interpreted as a warning to the king, and applied a disgraceful epithet to actresses, which, as Henrietta Maria was taking part in the rehearsal of a ballet, was supposed to apply to the queen.
  • She was first starred by Charles Frohman in Captain Jenks in 1900, and subsequently became one of the leading actresses in the United State's.
  • Her dramatic genius gave a new reading to the parts, and during these years the admirers of the two leading actresses of Europe practically constituted two rival schools of appreciation.
  • Ill-health kept Madame Duse off the stage for some time; but though, after 1900, it was no longer possible for her to avoid "make-up," her rank among the great actresses of history remained indisputable.