Sentence Examples

  • His arguments, as summed up by Swete (op. cit., p. cxiv seq.), are as follows: "John the Evangelist abstains from mentioning his own name, but John the Apocalyptist names himself more than once at the very outset of his book, and again near its end.
  • From all this a man is delivered who abstains from judging one state to be preferable to another.
  • The Saxon Confession of Wittenberg, June 1551, while protesting against the same errors, equally abstains from trying to define narrowly how Christ is present in the sacrament.
  • " If any bishop or presbyter or deacon, or indeed any one of the sacerdotal catalogue, abstains from flesh and wine, not for his own exercise but out of hatred of the things, forgetting that all things were very good, either let him reform, or let him be deprived and be cast out of the church.