Sentence Examples

  • Autograph Options: A yearbook, a photo mat with the graduate's picture, or a guest book in appropriate school colors is a practical decoration for a graduation party that will also become a cherished memento.
  • Instead of the K-11 yearbook photos that are simple headshots on a plain gray or blue background, senior pictures have a variety of poses and backgrounds designed to capture the essence of the subject's personality.
  • Poems for graduates can be used as a way to sign a friend's yearbook, written in the flyleaf of a book that has special meaning to the giver, or even used in a class speech by the graduate himself.
  • However, it's common for a high school to purchase extra copies of the yearbook to have on-hand for their archives, as well as for students who may have forgotten to buy one by the deadline.
  • Mahon, Iron and Steel in India (1899); Lord Curzon in India (1906); India Office List; The Statesman's YearBook; and the government of India's annual reports.(W.