Sentence Examples

  • Governors Of Virginia Under the Company Edward Maria Wingfield, President of the Council 1607 (April to Sept.) John Ratcliffe, President of the Council 1607-1608 John Smith, „ „ „1608-1609George Percy, 1609 -16101610 Thomas West, Lord Delaware, "Governor and Captain General".1610-1618George Percy, Deputy Governor 161 I (March to flay) Sir Thomas Dale, "High Marshal" and Deputy Governor 1611 (May to Aug.) Sir Thomas Gates, Acting Governor 1611-1612 Sir Thomas Dale, „ „.1612-1616George Yeardley, Lieutenant or Deputy Governor..
  • ...1616-1617Samuel Argall,Lieutenant or Deputy Governor1617-1619Nathaniel Powell, Acting Governor 1619(April 9 to 19) Sir George Yeardley, Governor..1619-1621Sir Francis Wyatt,.1621-1624George Hamilton Douglas, Earl of Orkney, Governor-in-Chief.

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