Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, if a school fails to make suitable progress, the law allows parents to transfer their children to higher-performing local schools, request free tutoring, or enroll the children in special academic after-school programs.
  • Getting an All My Children recap can help catch you up on any episodes of your favorite soap opera you may have missed, or can serve as a great tutoring session for former viewers that are hoping to jump back in on the action.
  • Providing editing and tutoring services: Some freelance writers find that they enjoy teaching students how to improve their writing by providing editing services and constructive feedback on research papers and other projects.
  • If your child is looking for homework help, check out Free Online Tutoring: Scholastic Interview on LoveToKnow Save to learn more about how Scholastic's Homework Hub can put him on the path to academic success.
  • In addition to housing and other recreational services, Iowa Central provides students free online and offline tutoring, academic and career counseling, as well as transfer assistance to a four-year school.