Sentence Examples

  • The voters decided to boycott the referendum, which needed a 50% turnout to be valid.
  • Getting the head movements 'right' is what makes the crucial difference between a technically accomplished dancer (good turnout, fluid movement, graceful arm angles, etc) and a dancer who can steal the crowd's focus when she comes onstage.
  • The five ballet positions, when practiced each and every day as part of a classical ballet routine, will become more and more natural, turnout from the hip will increase, and the dancer will become more and more secure in each position.
  • These reality shows open calls can generate a huge turnout depending on the popularity of the show and the number of people who are willing to go through the casting process.
  • The colorful illustration on the blue 100% heavyweight cotton T shirt shows Sparky the Fire Dog dressed in his red cape over his bright yellow and red turnout gear.