Sentence Examples

  • As they grow, spiderlings build increasingly larger webs at ever greater heights, until they reach maturity and construct their trademark two-foot diameter web between tree limbs, tall grasses or other suitably elevated, sunny location.
  • These wallets are very often made in black, although certain seasons have allowed for other colors like smoke, the Prada pink (a trademark color that portrays a softly muted almost baby pink) and a light silvery blue.
  • The maxim "a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner" is the company's trademark, though the company has progressed far beyond the powdered shake mixes that were its trademark for so many years.
  • Although some sources may say that Blanka's beastly appearance is a result of Shadoloo genetic experimentation, official reports indicate that his trademark green skin came from years of rubbing against chlorophyll.
  • A franchise business opportunity is a way of doing business where a franchisee purchases a license for a successful business and trademark, duplicating operations as determined and directed by the franchisor.