Sentence Examples

  • In fact, the counterfeit fashion business is a billion dollar industry partly because many buyers care more about the logo of a product than its authenticity and also because many consumers remain unaware of the source of their merchandise.
  • Burberry itself defines the bag as a celebration of the fashion house's most memorable fashion creations, including the check print, gabardine fabric, trench coat, quilted leather, signature D-ring buckles and equestrian knight logo.
  • Furthermore, the logo adorns all official paperwork, including theme park maps, admission tickets, the official website, investment reports, employment applications, and more.The company logo can also be found outside the park.
  • For example, there may be sports party gear - cups, napkins, plates, etc. - available in team logos, but by choosing only one item with a logo and using matching solid colors for the other items the theme is visible but not overstated.
  • Add into the mix that pre-teen girls are highly attracted to jewelry with the Playboy logo, jewelry which is, after all, ensconced with glittery charms and bedecked with rhinestones, and the pairing starts sounding off alarm bells.