Sentence Examples

  • "Hallmark holidays" like Sweetest Day in October are harmless in and of themselves, but if you follow blindly what the ads tell you to buy for your love, you are just going with the herd.
  • Often, the hallmark sign of a mitochondrial disorder that distinguishes it from other diseases with similar symptoms is additional features (such as the above symptoms) that do not normally appear with the non-mitochondrial disease.
  • One of the company's most definitive men's vintage wrist watches was made in 1928 and features a fine silver, rectangular case with hallmark, as well as a slightly curved shape for maximum comfort on the wrist.
  • Sweet Nothings - Valentine's Day can be great time of intimate connection for you and your lover - or it can be, as intended, a "hallmark holiday," a time for cheesy hearts and candies and more.
  • The precise designs of Tommy Hilfiger eyewear and sunglasses can vary widely by retailer and season, but no matter what style an individual chooses, he is sure to find that the hallmark Hilfiger classic style never goes out of fashion.