Sentence Examples

  • Regardless of the type of coat you spring for, ensure that it is big enough to fit for the entire winter, and don't forget to try it on when your child is wearing multiple layers (a shirt and a sweater), instead of only a light T-shirt.
  • Parody or Satirical Humor This particular brand of humor relies on iconic imagery from "I Love Lucy" to "Gilligan's Island" to presidental images and other political themes, either on a mug, a t-shirt or other entertaining item.
  • Whether you want to flatter the man with a mug or t-shirt that says 'World's Greatest Dad' or 'World's Proudest Father', or you want to offer heartfelt advice in the form of a parenting book, the gift is sure to be appreciated.
  • From Edwardian days when these were white linen or muslin with lace trim to today when they can be whatever style, color and fabric you like, a dress is often more comfortable and always more stylish than shorts and a T-shirt.
  • This has led to many styles of microfiber shirt lines - from the simple t-shirt offered by Silver Eagle Outfitters to the Hemisphere short-sleeve button-down shirt from TravelSmith, one of the biggest microfiber retailers.