Sentence Examples

  • The new "Cell's" powerful design also allows it to draw additional processing power from other consoles in a network, giving it the ability to complete complex tasks like delivering streaming video, music or surfing the web.
  • After all, watching Noggin programming is fun and surfing the various games offered on the website can be an entertaining activity with your kids, but nothing beats reading a book together for your child's intellectual development.
  • If your child is spending a lot of time at the beach and is interested in any sort of water sport, from surfing to body-boarding, then he/she will either be looking at wet suits or pairing up rash guards and board shorts.
  • Intel's Core 2 Duo processors are found in most mid-range laptops and for the most part, they have no problem handling general computer functions like using word processors, spreadsheets, emailing and surfing the Web.
  • I spent days surfing the net.