Sentence Examples

  • Though some may fear that allowing nonverbal communication will enable the mutism to continue, many therapists believe it is a necessary step for most children with mutism to overcome their communication anxiety in a step-by-step manner.
  • includes tools such as the Virtual Repairman, easy parts lookup functionality with more than two million parts to choose from, more than 30,000 sets of step-by-step installation instructions and hundreds of how-to videos.
  • They can all provide you with the cost and step-by-step details to design and produce your game.Once you have the projected design and production costs, you will be able to decide whether you could make a profit by selling your game.
  • There are lots more Bully cheats for Wii, most commonly in the form of exhaustive walkthroughs and FAQs that give you step-by-step directions on how to beat the various missions, but don't forget that part of the fun is exploration.
  • This all in one kit helps perfect your brows and your eyes with a light and dark brow powder, brow wax to set, eyeliner, eye brightener, brow highlighter, mini tweezers, angled brush and a step-by-step instruction guide.