Sentence Examples

  • Whether your stepchild is with you on a daily basis, or you see him or her every other weekend, there may be another entity in the wings who influences the stepchild in many of his or her actions.
  • Stepparents must assume parental roles before there is an emotional bond with the stepchild and are often required to make instant adjustments to a parental role.
  • Stepparents may face a similar situation, since stepparents, unless they legally adopt a stepchild, have no legal rights with regard to custody or visitation.
  • The term stepchild used to refer to orphans who lost their parents, and stepfather/stepmother used to refer to individuals who became parents to an orphan.
  • The role of the stepparent and status in the family is often unclear with regard to authority, level of involvement with the stepchild, and discipline.