Sentence Examples

  • No matter what, I'll continue to honor my obligations and protect you.
  • Applying the thought of God's mercy to the obligations of believing men (xii.
  • While the entire program was new to him, Dean realized that if he was running for public office, certain obligations were mandatory.
  • So stringent are the obligations of hospitality that a household is bound to exact reparation for any injury done to a guest as though he were a member of the family.
  • In a secret article of the treaty the sultan undertook in the event of a casus foederis arising, and in consideration of being relieved of his obligations under the articles of the public treaty, to close the Dardanelles to the warships of all nations " au besoin," which meant in effect that in the event of Russia being threatened with an attack from the Mediterranean he would close the Dardanelles against the invader.