Sentence Examples

  • The second pair of swim shorts here that you may want to turn you eye towards is also from the Surf N Turf collection, but this one is done in a blue print; a tropical scene that is awash in deep blue seas and swaying coconut tress.
  • Black and Decker is a big supplier of all types of kitchen small appliances, including a few popcorn makers.Some of the most popular Black and Decker popcorn maker models are the P2 Popcorn Popper and the Hot n' Pop Popcorn Maker.
  • Several specific antigens are responsible for the incompatibilities: Rh type incompatibility, ABO blood group incompatibility, and other incompatibilities involving antigens known as Kell, Duffy, M, N, and P, among many others.
  • Although there are many varieties, there are only two accepted species-the Australian, that is confined to the continent of Australia; and Hedera helix, which is found wild in the British Isles, and spreads over Europe, reaching into N.
  • The most familiar is N. stylosa, perhaps better known as an Iberis, which makes tiny dark green cushions barely 2 inches high, covered early in the year with clusters of rosy-purple flowers smelling smelling like heliotrope.