Sentence Examples

  • ., (X,., y,., z,.), the mass-centre (x, y, 1) is determined by the formulae _~(mx) ~(my) ..E(mz) ~6 ~ ~(m) Y ~(m) Z ~(m)~
  • U+~(mz) .v1
  • If the co-ordinate axes coincide with the principal axes of this quadric, we shall have ~(myz) =0, ~(mzx) =0, Z(mxy) = 0~ (24) and if we write ~(mx) = Ma, ~(my1) = Mb, ~(mz) =Mc2, (25) where M=~(m), the quadratic moment becomes M(aiX2+bI,s2+ cv), or Mp, where p is the distance of the origin from that tangent plane of the ellipsoid ~-,+~1+~,=I, (26)