Sentence Examples

  • The money-lender deals chiefly in grain and in specie.
  • His father was a taxcollector and money-lender on a small scale; his mother was the sister of a senator.
  • Knight made lender the direction of Professor Osborn.) FIG.
  • He became an associate of Jay Gould in the development and sale of railways; and in 1863 removed to New York City, where, besides speculating in railway stocks, he became a money-lender and a dealer in "puts" and "calls" and "privileges," and in 1874 bought a seat in the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The existence of the professional lender, as apart from the ordinary facilities for borrowing money on good security, is obviously due to the fact that it is not every borrower who is in a position' to give good security for a loan.