Sentence Examples

  • Favere, or the "speaker," from fari), an old Italian rural deity, the bestower of fruitfulness on fields and cattle.
  • It probably accounts for her appearance as a goddess of seafarers, the bestower of fair weather and prosperous voyages.
  • Although Hera was not the bestower of feminine charm to the same extent as Aphrodite, she was the patron of a contest for beauty in a Lesbian festival (KaXXcYTEia).
  • The kind or gracious one - doubtless a euphemistic name - has his prototype in the old fierce storm-god Rudra, the" Roarer,"with certain additional features derived from other deities, especially Pushan, the guardian of flocks and bestower of prosperity, worked up therewith.
  • She is there represented as a mighty goddess, having power over heaven, earth and sea; hence she is the bestower of wealth and all the blessings of daily life.

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