Sentence Examples

  • Allusion to the lightness of the wood is made in Aristoph.
  • Vases and drinking cups were produced of extreme lightness, in the walls of which were embedded patterns rivalling lace-work in fineness and intricacy.
  • As a rule, seeds require to be sown more deeply in proportion to their size and the lightness of the soil.
  • Any good well-drained loamy soil is suitable for plums, that of medium quality as to lightness being decidedly preferable.
  • The unfailing freshness and charm of the contrast between the importance, the gravity, in some cases the dry and abstruse nature, of their subjects, and the lightness, sometimes almost approaching levity in its special sense, of the manner in which these subjects are attacked is a triumph of literary art of which no familiarity dims the splendour, and which no lapse of time can ever impair.