Sentence Examples

  • Ballon Bleu -- W6920032: At first glance, this watch looks like another of Cartier's classic models, but a deeper perusal reveals a tantalizing glimpse of the future of horology design.
  • Their culminating points in French territory, the Ballon dAlsace and the Hdhneck in the southern portion of the chain, reach 4100 ft.
  • From Belfort itself, connect the fortress with the right of the defensive line of the Moselle (Fort Ballon d'Alsace).
  • He was beaten everywhere and always: by the Bretons at Ballon (845) and Juvardeil (851); by the people of Aquitaine near Angouleme (845); and by the Northmen, who several times extorted heavy ransoms from him.
  • Besides this, Charles had to struggle against the incessant rebellions in Aquitaine, against the Bretons, whose revolt was led by their chief Nomenoe and Erispoe, and who inflicted on the king the defeats of Ballon (845) and Juvardeil (851), and especially against the Normans, who devastated the country in the north of Gaul, the valleys of the Seine and Loire, and even up to the borders of Aquitaine.