Sentence Examples

  • One example is a political dissident at Erasparsa who provides step-by-step directions for bypassing the firewall set up by the government of Indonesia.
  • These handbags are made in Indonesia, and as such, offer a truly authentic homemade look and feel.
  • Pockets of high trachoma infection also exist in southern Mexico, eastern Brazil, Ecuador, North Africa, India, China, Siberia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Borneo, and in Aboriginal communities in central Australia.
  • Wellness brand dog foods and treats, including Mother Hubbard dog biscuits, are widely available throughout North America, as well as locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Some of the more popular celebrity auctions in recent years have helped those affected by natural disasters, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Indonesia tsunami in 2004.