Sentence Examples

  • A prae-gen opisth - 'II' opisth pa FIG.
  • Gen f we do not arrive at the Volturno before Garibaldi reachts Cattolica, Cavour had said, the monarchy is lost, and Italy ~re 1 remain in the prison-house of the Revolution.
  • Perfectly pure distilled sea-water dissociates, to an infinitesimal degree, into hydrogen (H) and hydroxyl (HO) ions, so that one litre of such water contains 1 X 10 7, or 1 part of a gram-molecule of either hydr010,000,000 gen or hydroxyl (a gramme-molecule of hydrogen is 2 grammes, or of hydroxyl 17 grammes).
  • Prae-gen, Tergum of the praegenital somite.
  • Opisthosoma consisting of only ten somites, which have no tergal and sternal elements, the prae-genital somite contracted to form a " waist," as in the Pedipalpi; the last three narrowed to form a A B prae-1 2345 6789 io I I111I IV V VI gen Opisttaosoma Prosoma FIG.