Sentence Examples

  • "Meshech" and "Tubal" are no hindrance to this view, if the names of the so-called "sons of Japheth" are critically examined.
  • JAPHETH (n;), in the Bible, the youngest son of Noah 1 according to the Priestly Code (c. 450 B.C.); but in the earlier tradition 2 the second son, also the "father" of one of the three groups into which the nations of the world are divided.
  • 27, Noah pronounces the following blessing on Japheth "God enlarge (Heb.
  • Yapht) Japheth (Heb.
  • Shem is probably Israel; Canaan, of course, the Canaanites; by analogy, Japheth should be some third element of the population of Palestine - the Philistines or 'the Phoenicians have been suggested.