Sentence Examples

  • Bourrienne, Points obscurs dans la vie normande de Malherbe (1895); and the due de Broglie's "Malherbe" in Les Grands ecrivains fran;ais.
  • Accordingly, the syllogism appeared to him to be the rational process (wet X6yov), and the demonstrative syllogism fran inductively discovered principles to be science (Eirurrr7un).
  • A melancholy interest surrounds the name of Victoria Benedictsson (Ernst Ahlgren, 1850-1889), who committed suicide in Copenhagen after achieving marked success with her sketches of humble life in Fran Shine, and with the more ambitious works Money and Marianne.
  • Ljunggren in his Svenska vitterhetens hafder fran Gustaf dod (1818-1819; new ed.
  • On the 1st of July 1900 the first train of the Santa Fe left San Francisco for the East; a significant event, as there had before been practically only one railway corporation (the Southern Pacific) controlling trans-continental traffic at San Fran-, cisco since 1869.