Sentence Examples

  • In this he erred grievously, of the Edward vowed revenge for his slaughtered favorites, queens and waited his opportunity.
  • He drove them out of Moesia across the Danube, where he left them in possession of Dacia, which he did not think himself able to retain; the name was transf erred to Moesia, which was then called Dacia Aureliani.
  • After a tedious and captious examination, he was in March brought before convocation, and, on refusing to subscribe certain articles, was excommunicated and imprisoned; but through the interference of the king he was finally released after he had voluntarily signified his acceptance of all the articles except two, and confessed that he had erred not only " in discretion but in doctrine."
  • "The Egyptians have erred worse than all the nations; for they were not content with the worships of the Chaldeans and Greeks, but introduced, moreover, as gods even brute beasts of the dry land and of the waters, and plants and herbs..
  • The Byzantines) erred in confusing these two first principles.