Sentence Examples

  • The plan is curious, and deviates much from the ordinary type; the internal arrangements are adapted for the performance of the peculiar rites of this deity.
  • 14.1), who never deviates without reason from the topographical order of his narrative, mentions the Enneacrunus in the midst of his description of certain buildings which were undoubtedly in the region of the Agora, and unless he is guilty of an unaccountable digression the Enneacrunus which he saw must have lain west of the Acropolis.
  • When the wave-surface deviates at each end by a quarter wave-length from the true plane.
  • The tower leans or deviates from the perpendicular, to a striking extent, which has gradually increased: it was 152 ft.
  • The relation between integral numbers of months and years expressed by Meton's rule therefore deviates only two hours from the truth.