Sentence Examples

  • Just as biologists patiently wait for shy animals to emerge from the forest to be captured on camera, Sasquatch hunters must also remain patient since it's believed that the elusive creature shies away from human habitation.
  • Harvey has become a strong figure for the pop music industry: her songs embrace themes of female sexuality, motherhood and independence, though she shies away from being 'pigeon-holed' as a feminist.
  • Indeed, Scorpio thrives on emotional intensity and craves the release that comes with airing out grievances, while Virgo shies away from disputes and potential areas of conflict.
  • The lead singer shies away from the band being labeled a Christian band, however, due to the issues many people have with organized religion today.
  • She struggles to tap into her confidence, however, and frequently shies away from the spotlight her singing could earn her.