Sentence Examples

  • Other frustrations: we're just too darn busy, but how do we make a living, get dinner on the table, do the laundry, snuggle with our kids, and maintain a friendship, let alone a marriage, and not be busy?!
  • Yes, CPAP can improve the quality of sleep and the quality of day to day life, but for a while, especially if there are problems with the CPAP mask, it can be hard to remember how CPAP improves life when it's so darn annoying.
  • Atkins won a grand total of 14 Grammy Awards in his storied career.Chet Atkins can do darn near anything on the guitar, and his fingerstyle playing is some the fastest, most complicated, most technical playing around.
  • In this case, the halls were humid, I was in pain, and let's face it, I let myself get pretty darn out of shape over the past nine months so pacing the hallways was more strenuous than usual.
  • I wasn't fooling myself; I knew darn well that by the time I got the thumbs-up sign from my doctor to exercise, I would have long forgotten how to squat and do those abdominal crunches!