Sentence Examples

  • She laughed aloud at his reaction, a little too loudly, quickly covering her mouth as other diners glanced her way.
  • For further particulars as to his life and doctrines see Grimm's Correspondance litteraire, &c. (1813); Rousseau's Confessions; Morellet's Memoires (1, 821); Madame de Geniis, Les Diners du Baron Holbach; Madame d'Epinay's Memoires; Avezac-Lavigne, Diderot et la societe du Baron d'Holbach (1875), and Morley's Diderot (1878).
  • Diners have the option of ordering their food as individual portions, or as a "family style" meal.
  • This place is like a giant food court, and diners will be permitted to choose their own destination and sit where they wish.
  • The restaurant consists of a large rectangular bar is at the entrance, gleaming in brass and dark wood, and a dining room that is brightly lit with well used wood floors and brass nameplates at each seat that frequent diners have claimed.