Sentence Examples

  • The Alexander cycle was no less popular in Great Britain.
  • At first an eight years' cycle was adopted, but it was found to be faulty, then the Jewish cycle of 84 years was used, and remained in force at Rome till the year 457, when a more accurate calculation of a cycle of 532 years, invented by Victorius of Acquitaine, took its place.
  • He programmed the computer to respond in training cycle mode and glanced at the communication link again.
  • She was over two weeks late for her menstrual cycle and felt a little nauseous.
  • The process whereby the independent hero of the Lanzelet (who, though his mother is Arthur's sister, has but the slightest connexion with the British king), the faithful husband of Iblis, became converted into the principal ornament of Arthur's court, and the devoted lover of the queen, is by no means easy to follow, nor do other works of the cycle explain the transformation.