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  • It is, however, during the Middle Minoan age, the centre point of which corresponds with the XIIth Egyptian dynasty, according to the Sothic system of dating, c. 2000-1850 B.C., that a systematized pictographic or hieroglyphic script makes its appearance which is common both to signets and clay tablets.
  • But the year of 365 days lost one day in four years of the Sothic or Julian year, so that in 121 Egyptian years New Years clay fell a whole month too early according to the seasons, and in 1461 years a whole year was lost.
  • This Sothic period r era of 1460 years, during which the Egyptian New Years day travelled all round the Sothic year, is recorded by Greek and Roman writers at least as early as the 1st century B.C. The epagomenal days appear on a monument of the Vth Dynasty and in the very ancient Pyramid texts.
  • Whether any earlier attempt was made to adjust the civil to the solar or Sothic year in order to restore the festivals to their proper places in the seasons temporarily or otherwise, is a question of great importance for chronology, but at present it remains unanswered.
  • Of these, the Sothic date furnished by a calendar in the Ebers Papyrus of the 9th year of Amenophis I.

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