Sentence Examples

  • Conjunctivitis due to a viral infection, particularly those due to adenoviruses, are usually treated by applying warm compresses to the affected area and using topical antibiotic ointments to prevent secondary bacterial infections.
  • Because children with Marfan are at increased risk for infective endocarditis, they must take a prophylactic dose of an antibiotic before having dental work or minor surgery, as these procedures may allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream.
  • Besides the use of throat cultures in diagnosis, the bacteria identified are used to determine antibiotic sensitivity, allowing physicians to select the most appropriate and effective antibiotic to treat a specific infection.
  • A sputum culture may be performed, particularly if the sputum is green or has blood in it, to determine whether a bacterial infection is present and to identify the disease-causing organism so that an appropriate antibiotic can be selected.
  • They changed the antibiotic again.