Sentence Examples

  • They stood there, hearts even more accelerated, pounding in unison.
  • The light was green and she accelerated across the intersection.
  • The disappearance of what still remains of them is accelerated not only by the general decrease of moisture, but also perhaps by the gradual upheaval of N.
  • By subjecting a plant to a gradually increasing temperature, and supplying water in proportion, its growth may be accelerated; its season of development may be, as it were, anticipated; it is roused from a dormant to an active state.
  • The existing procedure was simplified and accelerated; the working of the courts was greatly improved by a carefully organized system of inspection and control; the incompetent judges were eliminated and replaced by men of better education and higher moral character; and for the future supply of wellqualified judges, barristers, and law officials, an excellent school of law was established.