Fast Track Definition

Webster's New World
A career path offering rapid advancement.
Webster's New World
A course that leads to early consideration or review.
The board put the proposal on the fast track.
American Heritage
A building method in which construction begins even before plans and designs are completed.
Webster's New World

A race track with optimum conditions for high speeds.

Speedy or accelerated; expeditious.
Fast-track approval of a new drug.
Webster's New World
Designating or having to do with the power to enter into agreements that are not subject to Congressional modification.
The President's fast-track authority in trade negotiations.
Webster's New World
To speed up the progress of.
Webster's New World

An expedited litigation or discovery schedule ordered by the court, generally in relation to civil cases. See also speedy trial.

Webster's New World Law
To expedite a case schedule.
Webster's New World Law

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