Sentence Examples

  • The heart was tubular in form, 3a and 3b, Two crustacean teeth extending the whole length of the (of Dithyrocaris) from the body, and having a pair of ostia Carboniferous series of in each somite.
  • X is, in general, a determinate point, the barycentre of aA, 3B, &c. (or of A, B, &c. for the weights a, 0, &c.).
  • 2-}-cos B It is readily shown that the latter gives the best approximation to 0; but, while the former requires for its application a knowledge of the trigonometrical ratios of only one angle (in other words, the ratios of the sides of only one right-angled triangle), the latter requires the same for two angles, 0 and 3B.
  • The sum of two weighted points aA, (3B is, by definition, the point (a+13) G, where G divides AB so that AG: GB =0: a.
  • +X) happens to be zero, X lies at infinity in a determinate direction; unless - aA is the barycentre of (3B, yC, ...