Sentence Examples

  • In Rhabdopleura each zooid forms its own delicate tube composed of a characteristic series of distinct rings.
  • In Cephalodiscus the coenoecium is more massive, and may contain a continuous irregular cavity in which the zooids live (Demiothecia), or may be secreted in such a way that each zooid has its own independent tube (Idiothecia, Orthoecus).
  • - Zooid of Cephalodiscus dodecalophus (X 50).
  • In the living Cephalodiscus a zooid can crawl by means of its proboscis over the gelatinous processes of the outer side of the coenoecium, a position which it can assume owing to the very great extensibility of the stalk, the proximal suctorial end of which remains attached to the inner surface of some part of the coenoecium (Andersson, 1907).
  • In correspondence with the fundamental constitution of the zooid, each of the three segments has its own body-cavity separated from the others.

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