Sentence Examples

  • A Monograptus makes its first appearance as a minute dagger-like body (the sicula), which represents the flattened covering of the primary or embryonic zooid of the colony.
  • From this bud is developed the first zooid and first serial theca of the colony.
  • Each zooid buds from the one immediately preceding it in the series, and intercommunication is effected by all the budding orifices (including that in the wall of the sicula) remaining permanently open.
  • The theory of the gonangial nature of the vesicular bodies in the Graptoloidea is, however, disputed by some authorities, and it has been suggested that the zooid of the sicula itself is not the 20, Climacograptus Scharenbergi.
  • Each zooid has six tentacles; the stomodaeum is elongate, but the sulcus and sulculus are very feebly represented.

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