Sentence Examples

  • While there are many small websites that will give you little-used domain names, by far the easiest and most secure way to get a free web address to use for email is to go to one of the big trusted names like Google or Yahoo.
  • Camp Cartoon Network: This kids' section features popular cartoon characters in rides such as Spacely's Sproket Rocket, Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine, Yogi's Yahoo River, Rocky Road Rescue Service, and Bedrock Boulder Roller.
  • There are hundreds of feed directories across the Internet, so initially you'll need to devote some time to getting your feed "out there." Start with the big search engine RSS guides, such as Yahoo or Google.
  • Unlike the Yahoo! version that runs within your main Internet browser window (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), when you choose to play the free web-based Text Twist on Shockwave, the site opens up a new window.
  • Instead of focusing on making sure you don't run out of moves or getting you to fight against the clock, per se, the goal in Jewel Quest -- which can be found on a number of websites, like Shockwave, MSN Zone, and Yahoo!