Sentence Examples

  • Look for a men's sports watch that has a battery and wristband that will be easy to replace (i.e. go with a sports watch made by a well-known and dependable company, like Timex or Jaeger).
  • If a ring isn't suitable to an individual's personal style, they may choose a bracelet, wristband, brooch, or other piece of jewelry that can be frequently worn.
  • By clipping it onto your waistband or the wristband that comes provided in the Fitbit package, you will receive 24 hour updates regarding your lifestyle.
  • If you love life on the islands, then a Hawaiian jewelry bracelet ID silver wristband may suit your sense of style quite nicely.
  • Celtic knots can be worked into other images, stand on their own, or even be seen as part of a wristband or anklet.