Sentence Examples

  • While other watch companies wouldn't build watch movements that fit into a wristwatch case, Gruen rejected the round movements created for pocket watches and instead built movements that fit into square or rectangular wristwatch cases.
  • Ladies Convertible Watch: Introduced in approximately 1915, the Convertible looked like a pocket watch but came with a bracelet which converted it into a wristwatch (wristlet watch for ladies) if the owner so desired.
  • Getting a professional aviator-grade wristwatch is more than just a matter of appearance; it is a matter of utility for those who need or want the level of functionality these fine timepieces offer.
  • Ready2Wear Monitor-This package includes two receivers, a docking station for recharging, interference-free transmission for up to 800 feet, and a receiver the size of a wristwatch for comfort.
  • In fact, Italian horologists have provided many important innovations to the wristwatch industry with over 200 years of precision movement construction and avant-garde stylistic contributions.