Sentence Examples

  • The line is hauled in by a steam or electric winch, and the sounding-tube containing a sample of the bottom deposit is rapidly brought on board.
  • Up the curtains, and then lifting the hinged frames to a horizontal position under the overhead bridge by means of chains worked by a winch on the bridge.
  • It consisted of a globe of sulphur fixed on an axis and rotated by a winch, and it was electrically excited by the friction of warm hands held against it.
  • Wimshurst constructed numerous very powerful machines of this type, some of them with "multiple plates, which operate i - almost any climate, and rarely fail to charge themselves and deliver a torrent of sparks between the disf El charge balls whenever the winch is turned.
  • Prospering by the law, William Howard of Wiggenhall rose to knight's rank and acquired by purchase Grancourt's manor in East Winch, near Lynn, where he had his seat in a moated house whose ruins remain.