Sentence Examples

  • Among deciduous trees the state is noted for its sugar maples; birch and beech are common on the hills, and oaks, elm, hickory, ash, poplar, basswood, willow, chestnut and butternut on the less elevated areas.
  • P. euphratica, believed to be the weeping willow of the Scriptures,.
  • These are the snowy owl, Nyctea scandiaca, and the willow-grouse, Lagopus albus.
  • The principal trees are the alder, aloe, palm, poplar, acacia, willow and eucalyptus.
  • There is a very wide range in the general structure and arrangement of the parts of the flower, associated with the means for ensuring the transference of pollen; in the simplest cases the flower consists only of a few stamens or carpels, with no enveloping sepals or petals, as in the willow, while in, the more elaborate type each series is represented, the whole forming a complicated structure closely correlated with the size, form and habits of the pollinating agent (see Flower).

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