Sentence Examples

  • The white willow is a great favourite, while the drooping habit of the weeping willow renders it very attractive.
  • In the valleys the only trees native to the soil are the willow and cottonwood, found along the water courses, and beyond the range of irrigation vegetation is limited to scanty grass, with sage-brush and greasewood in the N.
  • Hartig, Die Familien der Blattwespen and Holzwespen (Berlin, 1860); Walsh, " On the Insects, Coleopterous, Hymenopterous and Dipterous, inhabiting the Galls of certain species of Willow," Proc. Ent.
  • Their leaves are deciduous, alternate, simple, and generally much longer than broad, whence the term willow-leaved has become proverbial.
  • The only representative of tree vegetation now is a dwarf willow 1 in.