Sentence Examples

  • The other rider doffed her helmet, spilling waves of blond hair.
  • Jenn cried out, her body bucking from waves of agony.
  • The sound of the ocean was calming under the full moon, the steady ebb and flow of waves drawing him to sit on the beach.
  • Rhyn glanced from the rolling teal waves to his mate.  Her words about Gabe were troubling, and he couldn't determine if she was purposely vague or really didn't know.  Her pretty face was puzzled, and he frowned.  She was beyond tired.  Whatever was happening to her in the underworld, it wasn't good.  Anger filled him.  As much as he wanted to stay in the dream world in case it really was the last time he saw her, he couldn't help her while stuck in the dream.
  • It was so close to the sea that those who lived in it could hear the waves forever beating against the shore.

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