Sentence Examples

  • It consequently has four vertices and six edges.
  • If the perpendiculars from the vertices to the opposite faces of a tetrahedron be concurrent, then a sphere passes through the four feet of the perpendiculars, and consequently through the centre of gravity of each of the four faces, and through the mid-points of the segments of the perpendiculars between the vertices and their common point of intersection.
  • Gomberg's triphenyl-methyl play no part in what follows), it is readily seen that the simplest hydrocarbon has the formula CH 4, named methane, in which the hydrogen atoms are of equal value, and which may be pictured as placed at the vertices of a tetrahedron, the carbon atom occupying the centre.
  • Denoting them by x, y, so that AB is axis of y and a perpendicular through A the axis of x, and rationalizing (26), we have 2 ax 2 - V 2 Xy 2 - V 2 aAy = o, which represents a hyperbola with vertices at 0 and A.
  • 6KT6, eight, Spa, base), a solid bounded by eight triangular faces; it has 6 vertices and 12 edges.

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