Sentence Examples

  • Sepals are generally of a more or less oval, elliptical or oblong form, with their apices either blunt or acute.
  • In their direction they are erect or reflexed (with their apices downwards), spreading outwards (divergent or patulous), or arched inwards (connivent).
  • This union generally takes place at the base, and extends more or less towards the apex; in Phyteuma the petals are united at their apices also.
  • (In this Silurian genus the calyx is provided with a movable operculum, consisting of four paired triangular pieces, the bases of each being attached to the sides of the calyx, and their apices meeting in the middle when the operculum is closed).
  • - Like Zamia, except that the ends of the stamens are flat, while the apices of the carpels are peltate.

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